Data Meeting
15th January
The Men Who Eat Ringforts – Sinead Mercier.
30th January
The Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) - Implications for spatial justice in Ireland. Perspectives from the team.
15th February
Pluralising Property: Land, legal pluralism and post-colonial legal identities in Southern Africa, pre-conference talk – Sonya Cotton.
28th February
Discussion Group – Dissemination and outreach.
12th March
Discussion Group – Fieldwork cases and methods.
26th March
Caribbean reparations, indigenous peoples, and spatial injustice – Amy Strecker
9th April
The place of property, landscape and the common law – Amanda Byer
23rd April
Redefining Public Purpose (and Governmental Functions)? The Compulsory Acquisition of Land for Privately Initiated Investment Proposals in Kenya - Raphael Ng'etich
23rd April
Mollett's Displacement in Place: Spatial Justice and the Garifuna in Honduras - Amanda Byer
7th May
UCD Human Rights Conference - papers by Amy, Sonya and Raphael
21st May
Project Planning
4th June
Project Planning


Data Meeting
19th October
Land, Property and Spatial Justice in International Law, project overview – Amy Strecker
28th October
Spatial Justice – Raphael Ng’etich
2nd November
Reflections on Lawscape (Graham, 2011) and ‘Land, Property and Sovereignty in International Law’ (Cotula, 2017) – Sonya Cotton
9th November
International Environmental Law – Amanda Byer
16th November
Landscape Protection in International Law – Amy Strecker
23rd November
Social License to Operate – Raphael Ng’etich
30th November
Spatial Justice and the Definition of Community – Sonya Cotton
9th December
Privatising Public Space: the Recreative Commons in the Caribbean (Camerhogne Park, Grenada) – Amanda Byer
14th December
Revisiting Tara, the M3, and Access to Justice for Cultural Landscape Destruction in Ireland – Amy Strecker