Project Seminars

Landscape, Law and Spatial Justice Seminar Series

UCD Sutherland School of Law

We are delighted to announce our monthly seminar series on Landscape, Law and Spatial Justice, taking place at the UCD Sutherland School of Law. Building on the work of geographers such as Kenneth Olwig and Michael Jones, we aim to explore, confront, and expand the role of law in landscape scholarship through discussions on inter alia human rights, the rights of nature, property, cultural heritage, commons, custom and community, transitional justice, and language and representation. Seminars are open to postgraduate students, researchers, and staff from across UCD.

Seminar Schedule 2022-2023

Date Speaker Room
13 October 2022
Emma Nyhan, Sutherland Fellow and Affiliated Researcher ("Translating Indigenous Rights in Global Contexts")

Seminar Schedule 2021-2022

Date Speaker Room
4 November 2021
Alessandra Accogli, UCD Ad Astra PhD Candidate
Harty Boardroom
2 December 2021
Irene Fogarty, IRC Government of Ireland PhD Scholar in World Heritage at UCD.
Harty Boardroom
27 January 2022
Joint Seminar: "Extractive Frontiers in the Sacrifice Zones of Ireland" by Dr. Patrick Bresnihan, Lecturer in Geography, Maynooth University and V'cenza Cirefice, IRC PhD Scholar, NUI Galway.
Harty Boardroom
10 February 2022
Carla Kayanan, Post-doc Research Fellow, UCD School of Geography, IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme with Ireland’s Southern Regional Assembly.
Harty Boardroom
24 March 2022
Anna Kirstine Schirrer (Columbia University: "Ancestral Land, Ancestral Rights: International Jurisprudence and Collective Property in the Wake of the Plantation"
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